January 7, 2022
How to Promote a Website on Facebook 5 Mistakes to Avoid
Facebook is the ideal place to promote your small or medium-sized business. The social media platform has 2.89 billion monthly active users around the world, and most of those are ages 18-54. This is the ideal demographic for most Canadian businesses.
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How Advertising Influences Us: The Psychology Behind Ads
People are surrounded by ads every day. We each see thousands of advertisements no matter where we live, work, and spend time. We often try to tune them out, but there’s no doubt they have an influence on us.
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Why Advertising is Important in Marketing
Advertising is the first type of marketing most business owners think about doing, and it is important. However, the best role for ads is to support the rest of your marketing goals, not as a stand-alone strategy.
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How an Advertising Agency Works What to Look For
Getting help with your advertising and marketing needs can be a huge step towards making your business more successful. There’s nothing that’s more of a relief than knowing that you can focus on serving your customers and managing staff, and marketing experts will help bring in new leads and customers.
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