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Boosting Your Business Blog’s Search Engine Rank

Home » Business advice » Boosting Your Business Blog’s Search Engine Rank
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Promoting Your Business Blog in Canada

If you’re the author of a business blog in Canada, your goal should be to promote it to the general public. The best way to do so is by trying to boost your blog’s rankings on search engines. If you want better rankings for your blog through popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, SEO (search engine optimization) is the correct tool for the job. The best thing you can do for your business blog is to make sure that it’s user-friendly. Search engines tend to prioritize websites that are good at engaging visitors. They also tend to prioritize sites that are packed with keywords.


Post User-Friendly Content on Your Blog

Improve search engine rankings by making sure your Canadian business blog is something that can benefit visitors. If you want to ensure your content is as strong as possible, focus on adding more keywords. Take advantage of outbound links. Your goal should be to make your blog’s “dwell time” longer. This phrase refers to the length of time visitors stay on websites. Not surprisingly, that time can significantly influence ranking on search engines. If you want your business blog in Canada to thrive, do whatever you can to keep visitors interested in staying on your page and reading it for as long as possible. Dwell time is key to ranking success all around the world.

Update Your Blog Frequently

It isn’t only important to make sure your blog’s content is engaging, pertinent and interesting. It’s also vital to provide fresh and new information. Blogs that don’t get updated regularly tend to be ignored by popular search engines. If you make a point to update your blog on a routine basis with new postings, search engines will view it as being more “relevant.” They’ll reward you accordingly.


Make Sure Your Blog Isn’t Slow

Few things on the Internet can be more frustrating than a blog (or any website in general) that is excessively slow. Website visitors tend to get frustrated by blogs that load slowly. It’s no surprise that they become impatient and often leave before they see what they came for in the first place. Search engines such as Bing and Google both factor in loading speed when they determine page ranking and search engine results, after all. You should make sure that visiting your business blog is as smooth and pleasant an experience as possible. Don’t annoy your blog’s visitors with excessive graphics that take too long to load. Don’t do anything to make the layout of your blog confusing or overwhelming. Online surfers appreciate websites that are clean, user-friendly and easy to navigate no matter what. If your blog is excessively slow, it can negatively affect its dwell time. It can increase your bounce rate and minimize your blog’s page views, too. All these things are capable of harming your blog’s rank on search engines.


Focus on Header Tags

You can strengthen your business blog’s rankings by focusing on header tags, too. People tend to be turned off by blogs or websites that are too “wordy.” If your blog lacks headers and header tags, it may be tiresome for people to read. Proper formatting is vital for bloggers who want people to enjoy visiting their sites. If your blog is a pain to read or simply hurts people’s eyes, there’s a good chance they’ll permanently abandon coming back to it. If your site is easy to read, however, people will continue to return for more and more. Search engines, of course, will pick up on that popularity, and dramatically strengthen your rankings. If you need assistance with rankings and SEO anywhere in Canada, contact Local SEO Search Inc. today to learn more about all of our available digital marketing services. We’d love to speak with you.


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