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Do I Need Social Media for My Local Business?

Home » Internet marketing » Do I Need Social Media for My Local Business?
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Are you the boss of your own local business? Are you one of those business owners who are scared to rely on today’s technology to improve sales and increase revenue? If you answered yes, then you are not alone. Local business owners… Local business owners are the ones who are in charge of all aspects of their business. From accounting, reception, sales, marketing, operations, purchasing, client relations, human resource, training, and the list goes on and on. During the first couple of years running your own business, you never have enough time in the day to accomplish all your tasks. There is always a backlog and there is always something that you can work on.

So how important is social media marketing for a local business? When you boil down to the aspects of importance and how it will retain and drive new business for you, it is not on the top of the list for most owners. Business owners should however create their own social media accounts like G+, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin and others. Yes, it is great to communicate with all the members on your page with special offers, promos, announcements, etc. It is a great avenue to communicate with your clients who have liked your page and followed your page.

Do you have time to do this alone and how will this really help you grow your business? For most local business owners, their time is best fit to service their own clients, new clients and sell their products/services. Today more than ever people are connected through social media via their desktop/laptop/tablet or mobile phone. Because there are more people using social media than ever before, it is important for all business owners to allocate some time to update their accounts or post new products/services/events/promos/ at least once a week. Especially if there are engaged clients on your social media accounts for your business.

The best part about social media marketing for a local business is it is a free avenue to communicate with your audience. It is free to set up a Fan page on Facebook or a Twitter page. It is a great medium to communicate with your clients and potentially attract new referrals.

If you are a local business and you do not have the time to create and manage a social media campaign, call Local SEO Search and let us help you get known in the Social Media world today

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