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Why do you need a blog for your local business

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According to Wikipedia, a blog is a regularly updated website or web page, usually one monitored by an individual or group and informally written .

So what is a Blog? Why do some websites have a section that says Blog and others do not? What is the importance of a Blog section for a business website?

Here are 5 key reasons why a local business must have a blog section in order to stay current with their SEO strategy.

1. Freshness of a website
2. Drive traffic to your website by adding additional content/landing pages
3. Increase website engagement
4. Be the expert in your field and educate others
5. Customer retention
A blog is a section of a website that is regularly updated with fresh content. This is the section of the business website where you will find the most current news/events/topics written by the author of the website owner. A Blog section of a website is the most commonly used name. Other names being used are: News, Recent Updates, Events, Articles, etc.

The freshness of a website

Google is constantly crawling and indexing websites and webpages. When you create a blog section and inform Google that the Blog page will be created and updated regularly, this will trigger Google to index that section of your website more frequently. New content is important to keep a website fresh.

Drive traffic to your website by adding additional content/landing pages

With each new blog post, you will be creating new content and new landing pages. This will provide the business owner of the website the opportunity to rank for each additional blog post written. Additional content and landing pages will help drive organic traffic to your website and potentially generate new leads/clients for your business.

Increase Website Engagement

Staying active on your website will help your business to become more popular. This will increase your website authority for both the domain and page authority. Authority is a very important factor for Search Engine Optimization because this will help your site to gain more visibility in Google Search Engine.

Be the expert in your field and educate others

Become the expert and write based on your experience and perspective. When you start educating your audience instead of constantly trying to sell a product/service, you will find that the clients who buy from you also respect you as the expert. You want to become your local market leader in your industry so why not let people know why. It is also very important that you do not copy content from other websites.

Customer Retention

Keeping your existing customers informed with topics in your industry is a key driver to retaining them. This will eventually lead to happy customers but a lot more word of mouth customers.

As a local business owner myself, the blog section for Local SEO Search allows me to express my point of view and help educate others about Local SEO. Knowledge is power and the best thing to do is share the information with others.

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