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Home » Content Marketing » Don’t Miss a Prime Opportunity: Select Seasonal SEO!
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Mother Nature gives us four seasons. Brick-and-mortar grocery stores notice the variations in seasonal products, and improve sales by using different colour schemes and marketing campaigns. Even if you don’t deal in produce, are you missing a prime opportunity by failing to include seasonal SEO in your marketing strategy?

Four Seasons: Four Features

Just like there are four directions on a compass, four is a number of balance – like the four sides of a square. By using seasonal SEO four times a year, your business can better reach short-term sales goals. By merging short-term variations into a long-term SEO strategy, companies can remain relevant and uppermost in their customers’ minds. This multi-faceted seasonal marketing approach allows companies to display their creativity.

Reflecting Mother Nature

Much of human life is conditioned by the four seasons of earth. Ignoring this important facet is to lose track of the real world. Without being too poetic about it, the digital world must remain in sync with how real people are living on the planet Earth.

A great example is the firm that does both landscaping and snow removal. They understand they cannot survive without providing services year-round. Therefore, they’ve incorporated seasonal changes into their entire business plan. How can you incorporate these seasonal themes into your SEO marketing?

  • Spring is Rebirth (pastel colours)
  • Summer is Recreation (hot shades)
  • Autumn is Harvest (earth tones)
  • Winter is Hibernation (cold tints)

A key SEO marketing goal is to anticipate the thoughts, needs and actions of your potential customers. You should start seasonal SEO campaigns about a month before the next season hits. You can use seasonal pictures, colors and keywords to properly convey your message.

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Seasonal Keyword Targeting

In order to construct the best Internet marketing strategies, firms must think about what Canadians are doing during different ti  mes of the year. Brands build off the general themes mentioned above for each season. The human body naturally feels more energy in springtime, when the weather is warming up, birds are chirping and buds are popping. Websites could link their own products and services to stories about renewal at that time of year.

Summer is when kids get out of school. They might be surfing, swimming, or riding their bikes during these hot times. Companies can benefit from using keywords that are more active and full of life, vigor and energy.

Some people love autumn. “Orange,” “black,” “costumes,” “pumpkins” “harvest,” and “ghosts” are good keywords for this time. Firms could discuss topics that are more introspective. Also, bear in mind that kids return to school in the autumn.

When winter arrives, Canadians get out their shovels, snowmobiles, skis and skates and hit the slopes and rinks. This can be a great time for more serious, rational assessments, especially as the end of the year arrives and consumers are thinking about tax time.
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Social Media Seasons

Business owners who visit social media websites will be greeted by the latest in news and current affairs. They can identify the most important keywords, topics and concepts by various seasonal discussions. You can build up a keyword list based on what other new products or services are being offered at this time.

The online marketplace has many powerful advantages over the brick-and-mortar world, but it cannot avoid the seasons. Humans are still deeply rooted in all of the seasonal changes of Mother Earth. Take advantage of this prime opportunity, by developing your own seasonal SEO strategy. We can help. Call Local SEO Search at 1-877-689-5268.


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