SEO in 2021 & Beyond: Complete Guide for Home Services and Contractors

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SEO in 2021 & Beyond: Complete Guide for Home Services and Contractors
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As a home services provider or contractor, you’re probably more than glad that 2020 is in the rearview mirror. It was a very difficult year for anyone who makes home visits or does in-person work.

The good news is that it’s a new year and you have new opportunities to take advantage of digital marketing. What are some new trends this year, and what can you do to boost your business?

Here are some ideas.

Share Stunning Images on Social Media

Share Stunning Images on Social Media

You might think there’s not much about engineered hardwood in Toronto that would be social media-worthy, but you’d be wrong! People love seeing images of beautiful homes with gorgeous flooring.

Whether you sell flooring, have a landscaping company, or are a construction contractor, you have stunning pictures to share. These pictures help potential customers see what’s possible in their own homes, and will lead to them calling you and setting up an appointment.

The more you can do to focus on the transformation customers experience when they work with you, the more persuasive your marketing will be.

Keep Your Google My Business Information Consistent With Other Outlets

Keep Your Google My Business Information Consistent With Other Outlets

Google watches for inconsistencies between a company’s Google My Business page and other business assets. These problems can be a sign of a scammer stealing company information and may result in a Google Business listing being shut down.

While they do this to protect you, it’s very frustrating when it happens by accident. Make sure your business name, address, phone number, and hours are kept current on your Google listing and match what you show on your website.

Sometimes business owners make the opposite mistake and update their Google listing without updating their website or social media accounts. While it may be true that more people rely on your Google information, it’s essential that everything matches.

Optimize for Voice Search

voice search

Voice search is growing in popularity, especially as connected home devices become more common. Make sure you optimize your website for this trend so you don’t get lost.

One of the biggest differences between voice and normal search is that people are more likely to use long phrases — known as long-tail keywords — when talking. It takes less time to talk than type, so these longer search terms are used often. 

For instance, someone might search specifically for Forklift Rear Guard – Lakeport MetalCraft on voice search, where they might not type that out normally.

Do research into what types of long-tail keywords are gaining popularity in your niche and make sure your website uses them. 

Use Video and Animation


Video is much more eye-catching than a static image, and both are better than a wall of words. Take advantage of the fact that video technology is becoming more affordable every day, and get involved!

You can use video and animation on social media, your website, and more. These videos engage visitors, causing them to spend more time on your website. Time-on-site is a metric that’s very important for SEO. 

If you’re too busy with your core business to worry about video, or you simply don’t have the skillset, consider hiring a pro with expertise in video animation for home services business. Outsourcing this part of your marketing can give you better results in less time.

Use SEO to Help You Grow in 2021


SEO is an essential part of home services marketing, and this new year is a great opportunity to get back on your feet after a tough 2020. 

When you take advantage of these SEO tips, you’ll engage website visitors, keep them well-informed, and be focusing on trending keywords that matter this year. Get started today!

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